MAGICAL Birth with Hypnobirthing

Our little baby girl named Wendy was born January 9th at 9.01am weighing 7 lb 11 oz.

The birth was a magical time. I was feeling "twinges" the whole day before and went for a big walk alone. I felt like I needed space to focus and I listened to my affirmations over and over.

At 11.30pm that night Jason and I headed to the hospital; my surges were 5 minutes apart. I listened to meditations and relaxing music the whole way there and focused on my breathing.It was so nice to arrive at our lovely birthing suite at the M.L.U. Our midwife was filling up the birthing pool for me when we arrived.

Jason put up post-it notes all over the room with positive affirmations and kept saying them aloud. He kept me focused on my breathing and giving me massages with our homemade lavender massage oil.
I wanted to put on my nice new pyjamas and as soon as I did my waters broke! It was so exciting!

When I was 4cm, our midwife let me get into the birthing pool. The warm water was so soothing. As the hours went on I found it more difficult to focus on my breathing. The surges got really difficult for me. I decided to have the gas and air so that helped me get through.

At around 8.15am I got out of the pool and onto the birthing stool, with Jason holding me I began to push. I couldn't breathe the baby out as I had thought I would!! The midwife said she saw a lovely head of dark hair. I had Wendy on my hands and knees. When she came out it was an unbelievable feeling. She latched on soon after her arrival and I've been breastfeeding since.

Hypnobirthing most definitely helped me have such a wonderful birth experience and I can't thank you enough!

I'm looking forward to my last appointment with you! Mum, Dad and Baby Wendy!

 baby hands

Hypnobirthing Tools Invaluable!

"We welcomed our son Adam and we were delighted he arrived safely.

My birthing experience was tougher than I expected in terms of duration but having said that I found the hynobirthing tools invaluable and they allowed me to stay focused and in control. I went the full 10 centimetres without intervention.

However, Adams's oxygen levels decreased and he needed to be born, so there was medical intervention at that point.

I have recommended your course to a work colleague and my feedback was that the course allows you to mentally prepare for birth and equips you with the tools to go through labour with a plan and leaves you very much in control.

I think having a birthing partner who is very supportive of hynobirthing is essential for hynobirthing to be effective during labour. They play a vital role in supporting the mother and I felt if I didn't have a supportive partner it would have been challenging for hynobirthing to be as effective.

Thanks so much Aisling for all your advice." Carol, Damien and Adam"

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Hypnobirthing GAME CHANGER!

Dear Aisling, we had our little girl 2 weeks early (induced because of pre-eclampsia) and things have been a little frenetic. We just wanted to thank you for all of your good advice and help. In the end, it was a pretty difficult labour (even though we had our birth preferences all printed up, in the end, circumstances meant that they all had to be ignored, but that's the way these things go sometimes),

Trish was induced on Saturday!! and baby Evelyn wasn't delivered until Tuesday at 09:16. The first induction caused her very painful contractions, the breathing techniques you showed us were an absolute godsend, she swears if she hadn't got them to hand she wouldn't have been able to handle the pain. As it was she was still in some (manageable) discomfort. The following day they administered a second labour inducement, she was able to take Pethadine, but again, the breathing and visualisations were crucial to helping her manage the pain. Her water didn't break until Monday night.

As you can imagine, 36 hours is exhausting, so she opted for the epidural just to be able to sleep. We both had had some anxiety about the epidural, but due to how you had shown us to manage anxiety, she had been able to put her mind at ease. Still, it was another 10 hours before she was actually ready to deliver. In the end, we were two steps away from a C section, luckily the Ventouse worked.

Baby Evelyn was born 6lbs 1 oz, and we couldn't be more chuffed with her. We just wanted to thank you for all your help, it really was a game changer.
Regards Jason and Evelyn